Where have you been?


Since I haven't actually written anything for awhile, it seems that I must offer an explanation for my absence from writing. School work is overwhelming, and while I do enjoy watching anime and writing for this blog, I still consider my school work to be a top priority. However, due to winter break coming up soon (About 1 week), I will be back writing various articles for a few weeks, before going back to school work. I'm planning on reviewing:

  • Shiki
  • The Walking Dead (Not an Anime)
  • Claymore
  • Rubicon (Again, Not an Anime)
  • The Event (AGAIN, Not an Anime)
  • Darker than Black (Maybe... The show is just so AWESOME, that I'll try my hardest to review it!)
  • BTW: I was planning on doing a Bleach review, until I discovered that the show wasn't going to end just yet. (Dammit, just end already!)
I will try my best to write other articles, but I'm serious when I say that I have been very busy. Anyways, see you in two weeks!