Jouhou Cast Episode 8


Episode eight of Jouhou Cast is finished. Enjoy!
Today on Jouhou Cast:
-We introduce cohosts Veronika MacDougal, Mattie Crow, and Erin Pennington to the show.
-We discuss the NYT Bestsellers List.
-Black Cat Review
-Chobits Review

OMG! Where are episodes 1-7 of Jouhou Cast?!


I recently deleted episodes 1-7 of Jouhou Cast, due to my reluctance to get sued by the artist who created the openings and endings to my podcast. I recently discovered a little thing called "copyright laws", resulting in my immediate decision to delete them. Episode eight will be released Saturday with "pod safe" music. I don't apologize for deleting them, as I will be a "law abiding critic/journalist/podcast host". The place to buy anime and manga.


After searching for a website that could provide generous deals which allow me to actually afford anime, I found it. This website is called Right Stuf, an online store that gives insanely good deals everyday for those Otaku who may be forced to hold back on their hobby (or obsession). Those who want to purchase anime,manga, or collectibles should visit this site, as it's guranteed to provide relief for both your wallet and your hunger for anime/manga.

Jouhou Cast Delayed


I am exhausted. The amount of work I was given has given me much mental stress, meaning I am going to delay Jouhou Cast till next week. Sorry!

That was fast!


A few hours after coming to the sudden realization of me needing a co-host, I immediately got one. No wait, not one, THREE. After episode eight, Jouhou Cast will, from then on, have three new hosts. These hosts are:

  • Mattie Crow
  • Veronika MacDougal
  • Erin Pennington

They will join me as we comment on the latest news in manga and anime, review various mangas and animes, and just hang out. With these new hosts, I believe the show will become much more entertaining and a little more insightful.

I need a Co-host.


After writing the content for episode eight of Jouhou Cast, I came to the sudden realization that I needed a co-host for the show. Doing this would actually make the show interesting and would result in interesting discussion between the co-host and I. I will release episode eight without a co-host, but I will try to find someone who shares my interest in manga, who can actually engage in intelligent conversation with me, and will be able to come to my "studio" every Friday. I will take any measures to ensure that Jouhou Cast gets a co-host, even if we have to change the recording date, as long as it's not Monday-Thursday, as I have schoolwork to attend to.

Website Construction


Due to new pages being added to the website, I have come to the disruptive conclusion that the design of the website must be changed. Please forgive me if it looks like someone on hallucinogenic substances designed it, as I deny, in advance, that I have been taking any form of medication or substances that have any effect on my current mental and physical state. has been a while...


It has been a month since I have posted any personal updates lately. This is mostly due to an insane amount of school work, which has left me temporarily scarred. I have also been doing very reckless deeds lately, such as staying awake till midnight, eating obscenely unhealthy meals, getting slight cases of major anxiety and buying eight anime DVDs which is sure to have a heavy toll on both my wallet and self esteem, mostly due to my complete inability to buy anything without feeling guilty afterwards.

Two weeks ago, Manga Jouhou sent me another batch of shipments to review, which included:

  • Nephylym Volume 2
  • Welcome to Wakaba-soh Volume 1+2
  • Black God Volume 8
  • Bamboo Blade Volume 3

While I do usually write one review a day, the amount of school work I have renders me incapable of such an achievement. I also have trouble maintaining a social life, meaning that I have to constantly talk to the voices in my head in order to stay sane. To add to the list of problems, I also have trouble finishing my homework before midnight, resulting in much fatigue the next day.

I am going to have a bit of trouble reviewing volume two of Nephylym, as I have never read the first volume. Scanlators don't seem to have picked up on it, meaning that I'm going to have to buy it. I'm going to hold off on the purchasing of anime and manga products, since I seem to have spent a little too much this month.

Overall, the first seven weeks of school have been stressful, but a little bird told me that I won't have to worry, as the worst has passed and the last few months of school won't be considered a hazard to my physical and mental health. I should be writing reviews like crazy next month.

The Great Invasion


My review for Space Invaders Extreme 2 has just been published. Check it out.

Black God Volume 3


My review of Black God Volume 3.
Buy Now!

Black God Volume 2


My review for Black God Volume 2.
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