I'm back!


Attention: I will only be limited to writing on Friday and the weekend! Please keep note of this!

For those of you who don't go on twitter or the PH website, I am here to announce the reopening of The Austin Critic! It seems that two weeks after announcing my departure from Anim blogging, a few more events occurred during my hiatus, resulting in my return to anime blogging!

So with my return, many of you are going to want to know why I left anime blogging. Well... it seems that while I was writing episodic reviews of anime, I accidentally closed myself off from society. The blog became too much for me to handle, and kept on interfering with my personal life, resulting in a very bad relationship with my family and friends. It was for these reasons, that I was actually forced to end the blog, until we could find a way of balancing both my personal life and writing. This resulted in my decision to stop writing episodic reviews on my site, meaning that there will be no more episodic reviews on my site.

However, that isn't to say that I won't be writing that much content. I will still be writing my first impressions posts on Janaiblog, while I may review one anime episodically on Project Haruhi. Any reviews I write on this site will either be reviews of unlicensed material or any DVD box set that I found interesting enough to review.

That also isn't to say that I will only be writing about anime, as I've also decided to do something a little... odd. I have decided to also write about US politics on my blog, due to the fact that I have to broaden my writing interests if I want to make a living writing. The articles are opinionated, meaning that if you are offended easily, then don't bother reading them.

Thanks for all your support,
Eric Robinson
The Austin Critic

Indefinite Hiatus


Well... after going to Anime Fest in Dallas, something... happened. This event would result in the following:

  • I now can't write anime reviews.
  • I can't watch anime.
  • I can't access electronics freely.
  • I can't use twitter.
  • I can't blog anymore.
It is for these reasons that I am sad to say that I probably won't be able to update this blog anymore, meaning that I'll be forced to put it on indefinite hiatus. It also means that I won't be able to write for Janaiblog or Project Haruhi anymore.

I will try to regain the ability to write anime reviews again, but with the way things are going in my personal life, it doesn't seem like the possibility of me updating this site again are high. I would like to thank those who followed my blog, as I hope you enjoyed the content that I have written. I will keep the site up, but I will not renew the domain http://www.theaustincritic.com/, meaning that when it expires, the original URL for the site is http://www.theaustincritic.blogspot.com/.

I would also like to thank Jon Ingoglia and the staff of Project Haruhi for allowing me to write for their sites.

As for the future? I'll try to regain the ability to write reviews on this site, but the possibilities don't look good. It may take 1 month to a few years till I may get the ability to write on this site again.

Thank you for your support.

Eric Robinson
The Austin Critic