State of Play 9/10 (A Great Example of A Political Thriller)

Movies about politics are exciting. From conspiracies to decisions that are made by leaders of our countries, political thrillers always ask the question, "What if?" and come up with plots that are usually involved with corrupt political leaders. These films always question our system of government, and usually leave you thinking. State of Play is an example on how you make these movies. With all the intrigue and mystery that most political thrillers need, State of Play makes it self stand out with unique characters, great writing, and a gripping story.

State of Play stars Russel Crowe, who plays Cal McAffrey, a charismatic reporter investigating a series of murders linked to his lifelong friend, Congressman Steven Collins played by Ben Affleck. Russel Crowe and Ben Affleck's performances are extremely well done, the addition of great writing, and a gripping story enhances the films overall quality, keeping even those mildly interested in politics interested.

If their was one flaw with this film, it would definitely have to be to be one of the plot twist. The story, being amazing as it is, has a few twists that I found a little unnecessary, but not fatal or injuring to the overall plot in anyway. State of Play is an example that most political thrillers should use. It not only offers a great cast, but incredible writing and a great plot that is both interesting and thrilling. If you are looking for a movie to watch, I completely recommend this movie to you.

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Aaron_GameCritic said...

Interesting thriller. Maybe I'll look this political thriller up.