First Impressions: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimauo

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimauo begins by introducing us to our male protagonist Akuto Sai, a transfer student being sent to Constan Magic Academy. While trying to assist an old lady with her baggage at a train station, he is mistaken for a mugger and gets his face beaten down by Junko Hattori. After clearing up the misunderstanding with he, the two quickly become friends and after hearing of Akuto's aspirations of becoming a grand priest, decide to make a friendship pact which basically has Junko vowing to help Akuto achieve his goal. Unfortunately, everything falls apart in the course of one day, as Akuto's aspiration test predicts he will be the "Devil King", resulting in everyone, including Junko, to fear and hate him. Thus beginning for what has got to be the most chaotic and severe school life ever.

While the story has MANY cliches (pantie shots, blushing, tsundere, misunderstandings, etc...), the concept alone is enough to keep me invested in the series. Other pros included the fast paced humor, a great example being a scene where Akuto tries to convince his peers that he isn't the demon king, as I noticed that dialogue was quick and jokes were thrown at the viewer constantly. The characters are also likable, if insanely moronic.The stupidity of the characters are both a pro and a con, as hilarious misunderstandings occur, but at the cost of characters being reduced to plot devices. Fanservice also harms the series, as it's shown obsessively and at very inappropriate times, such as a girl simply standing up or walking up the stairs. Flaws aside, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimauo is a decent series that I will definitely continue watching.

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