Angels and Demons (7 Angels out of 10)

Having watched the Angels and Demon's predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, I did not expect this one to be remotely good, or interesting for that matter. The flaws of The Da Vinci Code was probably its ludicrous and EXTREMELY dull story, to storytelling that made the movie make no sense what-so-ever. So my expectations for this movie where extremely low. But when I actually got around to watching the movie, I had an extremely pleasant surprise.

The movie revolves around Robert Langdon as he investigates the capture of 4 Vatican members by a terrorist group called the Illuminati, who are bent on destroying the Vatican City with an Anti Matter Bomb. Tom Hanks does return as Robert Langdon, and his performance is average, if a little bland at times. The story is also something of a complete opposite of it's predecessor. While The Da Vinci Code was hard to understand and dull, Angels and Demons is interesting and easier, if still a little hard, to understand.

The story has Robert Langdon attempting to save these church members, by running around in a few of the locations around The Vatican City. Each location has many puzzles for some reason, and usually has Langdon pointing at an area and explaining what the answer to the mysterious puzzle is. The flaw in the movie that stops it from rising above other films, is the lack of sense this movie makes, as Langdon somehow has the brains to figure out puzzles that are not only implausible, but make no sense what so ever. While this flaw damages the image of Angels and Demons, it doesn't deliver fatal blows to this otherwise enjoyable and riveting movie.

Angels and Demons is a film that is not only enjoyable, but also riveting and horrifying at times. It is only damaged by one aspect, a ludicrous plot that you may find to be a little weird, but it's an unforgettable experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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