The Informant! Vs. ADM

Matt Damon's performance gives The Informant! the momentum to be an enjoyable experience.

Matt Damon is back from killing countless people in the Bourne series, to his new film The Informant!, a retelling of the true story of Mark Whitacre (Damon), an executive turned whistle blower for ADM (Archer Daniels Midland), a company found to be involved in illegal activities. The story is pretty much about the pressures that Mark Whitacre goes through. If you are expecting a slapstick, than you are mistaken, as The Informant!, is a dark comedy, a tragic story of a man who nearly goes insane for the pressures of keeping his intentions a secret from his company.

The question that the films presents is not how Mark Whitacre undermined his own company, but why? Don't be expecting an answer, because unfortunately you won't get one. The movie acknowledges that Mark Whitacre was making thousands of dollars at ADM, and was actually going to be better off if he had kept his mouth shut about the illegal dealings of ADM. The film hints that Mark Whitacre has reasons as a result of his megalomania and stupidity, but they are never really explored, which is unfortunate.

Throughout the flick, Whitacre has a monologue that usually serves as an example of how insane he is. The monologue usually has little to no relevance on the events that are taking place, whether it be talking about polar bears during an ADM meeting, or talking about how he would like to go fishing with one of the government agents. This is probably the highlight of the film, as these monologues are hysterical and numerous, with nearly every scene having one of these addresses.

The acting of Matt Damon as Whitacre is over the top and hilarious, Damon even going to the extent of gaining tons of weight after gracefully leaping off buildings and beating up assassins in The Bourne Ultimatum. The performance of Scott Bakula as agent Brian Shephard is solid and interesting, but won't leave as much of an impression as Whitacre.

The Informant! is a hilarious, if woeful tale of the one man who stands up against a force of great power. The film tries to be funny and tragic at the same time, which makes it difficult to ascribe the film to a single genre. However, the performance of the chubby Matt Damon, the engaging story, and the hilarious monologue of Whitacre makes it a great cinematic experience.

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