Baccano! The Complete Series

I'm at a loss for words… When I discovered Baccano! (mostly due to pure luck), I had high expectations due to the praise it received from the small amount of people who actually watched it. Having seen this, I realize that I've never had so much fun watching a TV show before watching Baccano!, a series that can’t just be described as phenomenal or amazing. Words can’t describe the grand nature of this show which many underestimate due to it being part of a genre known as animation, causing it to be skipped by many skeptics.

While it’s a joy to watch Baccano!, its a pain to explain the story, which is probably another reason why it continues to be an unknown gem in the anime industry. The story takes place in the 1930s across multiple storylines: a group of alchemist who gain immortality and have put their abilities to use in the mafia, a three way train robbery on the transcontinental “Flying Pussyfoot”, a mafia turf war between two families, and a person named Eve Genoard searching for her lost brother Dallas Geonard. These are a few of the many storylines that take place in Baccano!, each taking place simultaneously while the storyline switches through each plothread. This may sound confusing, but in reality…it is. Baccano! requires that the viewer watch every single episode while paying close attention to the events that unfold. Those who believe that the show will make no sense can be described as idiotic, as the show is a bit confusing at first, but manages to link each event together, making for an extremely satisfying experience.

The characters are where Baccano! shines, as the cast of characters are all full of energy and all manage to leave an impression on you. What is surprising is the fact that none of the characters are the focal points of any of the stories presented. This is unexpected, since the lack of any focal point what-so-ever should make the characters weak and lack impact. However, using the power of strong storytelling, outstanding writing and dialogue, and a great sense of style makes them the best cast of characters to ever grace an anime.
Animation looks great with beautiful environments, expressive character models, and stellar action scenes. The faces of the characters need a little more polish, but they are expressive, with sadistic characters looking…well…sadistic. Action scenes are also fantastic, with characters utilizing knives, guns and hand to hand combat for some fantastic fights that are plentiful in this anime. Did I mention that the blood and gore looks beautiful?

Speaking of blood and gore, Baccano! is a surprisingly brutal anime, with bodies being torn apart, fingers being crushed, heads being blown off, etc. This should be a clear warning for small children under the age of 13, as this will make many cringe. However, it does enhance the overall “fun” of this show (since my definition of fun is quite sadistic). Seeing someone brutally murder countless mafia members has never been this much fun since the days of the old American Gangster flicks.

The sound is phenomenal, with terrific voice casting, satisfying sound effects, and an addicting sound track. The Japanese voice casting is solid, but it never matches up to the English voice cast, which can be safely called the greatest dubbing for an anime since Cowboy Bebop. The sound effects include authentic weapon sounds, satisfying punches, and a lot of explosions. The opening is Guns & Roses by Paradise Lunch, a song which captures the energy of the show and further enhances the 1930s American gangster film feel.

Baccano is the Italian word for ruckus, meaning it would be appropriate to call Baccano! the greatest baccano to ever grace a screen. While it’s length may be an issue for some (13 episodes and 3 OVA's), each episode is chock full events, making every single one of them entertaining and engrossing. Those who want to watch the greatest anime to ever grace a DVD should pre order Baccano! The Complete Series Box Set which will be available December 29, 2009. I guarantee that it will be the cause of much enjoyment for those who buy this legendary product.

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Erin said...

Don't freak out that I write so many comments, please. I just love writing comments and I have finally found the comment box. :D I have a feeling I'm the most active follower

YAY I loved Baccano! If anyone reads comments, well I need to tell you not to be discouraged by the first episode. It is most likely the most confusing episode of the entire series (but of course Mattie thought it was the least confusing... :P), but the series is definitely worth it. I agree the soundtrack is one of the most addicting I have ever heard. I listen to it on Kira (my iPod) almost twice as much as any other soundtrack. I urge everyone who reads this to at least give the show a chance, because it is epic.
And Robinson, you sound like an insane reincarnation of Ladd Russo here.