Snow Day

For winter break, we have gone to Brewster in the Cape Cod area. It seems that the snow has hit the cape early, due to at least a foot of snow being presented to me as I looked outside my window yesterday morning. I have seen lots of spectacles that I have never seen before in person. It helps me to appreciate the beauty of the cape during winter.

I can't believe I forgot the camera! (DAMMIT!)

However, the beauty can be pretty decieving, due to my stupidity nearly resulting in my demise. During an outing, I accidently locked myself out, resulting in a struggle to the front door, which was surrounded by two feet of snow. Did I mention that a blizzard was taking place while I was stuck outside? This resulted in much pain, numb fingers, and wet clothes. Reflecting on it, I realize that it could have been much worse. MUCH WORSE!

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