That was fast!

A few hours after coming to the sudden realization of me needing a co-host, I immediately got one. No wait, not one, THREE. After episode eight, Jouhou Cast will, from then on, have three new hosts. These hosts are:

  • Mattie Crow
  • Veronika MacDougal
  • Erin Pennington

They will join me as we comment on the latest news in manga and anime, review various mangas and animes, and just hang out. With these new hosts, I believe the show will become much more entertaining and a little more insightful.

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Erin said...

Yay comment box!

Okay, I must correct your spelling.
Mattie Crowe should be Mattie Crow.
Veronika McDougal should be Veronika MacDougal (I think).
My name is correct. ^.^

And in becoming "entertaining and a little more insightful," I think it will also become three times as chaotic. XD