Critic Vs. The Devil

I'm still recovering from my mild illness, so school is becoming a huge pain in the arse(intentionally mispelled so my parents don't massacre me). I won't be able to dish out reviews, but I will try to come up with random subject matter to write about everyday. I was able to get Diablo 2 but I neglected to buy the expansion Lords of Destruction, meaning that I have been officially labeled an idiot by all my friends who play this game. However, I am having a great time with it, but I doubt I will be able to write a review this week, due to homework, book reports, and countless projects. Diablo 2 can easily be classified as a drug, due to the genocide you commit toward the devil's minion and the devil himself (Genocide has never been this fun). I still have yet to try out, but I heard that their is some lag problems, leaving me a bit worried. During the weekend, I will be watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, so expect a review on that.

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Erin said...

I wonder how many times your parents would massacre you at school. XP And I suppose by "officially labeled an idiot by all my friends to play this game" namely means Veronika, who practically neglected you. LOL