DSi-XL...the stupidest thing I've ever heard of!

What illegal substances have the idiots at Nintendo been taking? On November 21st, the DSI-XL will be released, a fat version of the DSi. The reason for it is said to "allow spectators to see the action on the bigger screen", but we all know that this is "BS", and that Nintendo just wants to find ways of cheating the consumer into buying a product which lacks any significant features compared to it's cheaper counterpart the DSi. What unnerves me is that their is no GBA slot (Which would have made this product worthwhile), there is a stylus the size of a freakin PEN, there is absolutely no technological advancments, its size makes it less portable and won't allow anyone to slide it in there pocket, and the product costs $220! Who in their right mind would want to buy this! If you are visually impaired, yes, but that really isn't Nintendo's target demographic. This probably won't make much money either, since polls in October done on IGN show that not many feel like upgrading. While it's good intentioned, it really is horrible idea, since hardly any money will be made. Don't buy the DSi-XL! While it hasen't even come out yet, their absolutely no reason for buying it. The only reason would be if you have impaired vision, but you will be forced to pay $200 if you have vision problems. That's just cruel. The Nintendo DSi-XL, more like the Nintendo BSi-XL*.
*If you don't get the joke, then you are sad.

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Erin said...

I never even knew this thing existed until this post, which could prove how unpopular it is. Usually I would hear about a new Nintendo console even if it were only in Japan, which this one is, but... I think nobody wants another version of the DS. I mean, I only have my Legend of Zelda theme DS Lite because my ordinary DS was killed by power sockets in the UK. Four versions of a DS is overkill.