Sidebars and Going Rogue

The Westlake Featherduster asked me to do a sidebar for a story I was doing on Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. I gave the game a mostly positive review, but found that their was many flaws that stopped it from being anything "special". The sidebar basically has me giving tips on how to complete the game. Those who are interested should take a look at the December issue of The Westlake Featherduster. For more information, go to This newspaper has won various awards, and is considered on of the top High School Newspapers in the nation. Pick up a copy, you won't regret it!

Also, my Diablo 2 review won't be finished until I get the expansion pack, so be patient. I also plan on doing a review on The World Ends With You, but due to my grand parents coming, I probably will probably not get much time to play it. Critic Cast is still on hold unfortunately, I am trying my hardest to get all the software up and running for it. I am also going to read Going Rogue: An American Life, a book by Sarah Palin. I'm not expecting it to be good, since I don't like Palin in the first place, but I will give it a chance, since I don't hate Palin.

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