Durarara: Episode 24

Damn was this a nice conclusion! While it did leave a few plot holes open, I loved how it gave lots of closure to the relationships between characters and left open the possibility of a sequel (Even though I seriously doubt that there actually will be one). The episode opens with Anri, Kida, Celty and Mikado being surrounded by the Blue Square gang, their numbers being way to numerous for them to fight off. However, Korodato and a few members of the dollars disguised as the Blue Square gang stage an attack against the Blue Square gang at the last minute, saving the lives of Anri, Kida, Celty and Mikado. Horada tries to escape in the last minute, but is unsuccessful after being attacked by a vengeful Shizuo and finally being captured by Kinnosuke.
The scene was very well done, as it was very nice to see Horada finally get what he deserved. I was also a bit surprised that Mikado accepted the fact that Kida was the leader of Yellow Scarves and Anri was the wielder of Saika very quickly, as Kida, took a very long time to accept the identities of Anri and Mikado. It was nice to see Kinnosuke finally get some screen time, even if it did feel like they put him in at the last minute. It was also very odd that the police stopped being concerned over Celty, as headless scythe-wielding motorcycle rider is a pretty huge phenomenon. The best part of the scene was how Horada was completely losing his sanity as his situation got worse, making for a pretty hilarious scene as his car was sliced by Shizuo.
The next scene where Anri and Izaya confront each other was also well done, as we get to see a pretty well done, albeit short, action scene between the two. The reason Izaya has for declaring war on Anri was also very interesting, as I wasn't really expecting him to fight Saika over the loving humans. Come to think of it, Izaya talks about humans as if they were a species he isn't a part of. Does that mean that he isn't human himself? (Just a possibility...)
However, the best scene in this episode was when Semyon successfully punches Izaya in the face! It was about time that Izaya received payback for all the atrocities he committed in the past, as his invincibility was becoming a bit ridiculous. I also was surprised that Izaya new Russian, as he started conversing with Semyon in Russian.
The remaining part of the episode has all the main characters resolving their conflicts. Thankfully, while the ending may not resolve all the endings, it resolves most of the problems that each have. Overall, this was a great ending that may not have ended with a bang, but brings closure to the series.
Rating: Great

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