Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Episode 62

What an intense episode! After Father blows up most of central headquarters, Edward, Hohenheim, Roy, Riza, the remaining Briggs soldiers, Greed, Lao Fan, and any other people I may have missed launch a desperate counter attack in order to use up Father's philosopher stone. The whole episode is dedicated to achieving this endeavor, ending with Father turning into a monster, and everyone else severely wounded, Edward losing his automail and having his left arm impaled by a thick metal wire. Unable to move, Father nearly turns him into a Philosopher Stone, until Alphonse, on the verge of death, sacrifices himself in order to give Edward his right arm. This makes Edward go on an angry rampage that results in Father to get fucked up beyond recognition.

This episode was...awesome! The beginning where Father blew up the whole entire Central command was an amazing display of how powerful he really is, showing that it will take a while to finally destroy him. The mid point of the episode where everyone is trying to take down Father was very triumphant, as it was nice to see everyone coming together in order to destroy Father. I also liked it how Father snapped in the end, as he seemed to turn into a monster due to his hunger for power, something that will probably result in his downfall next episode.

However, out of all these scenes, the best one was when Edward goes completely ballistic over his brother's sacrifice, as he beats the living shit out of Father. The intensity of this scene made up for the lack of intensity in the middle of the episode. Seeing this episode does worry me though, as we are left to the same trap that the ending of the first anime series had, Alphonse having sacrificed himself AGAIN for his brother, meaning that depending on what Edward sacrifices to save Alphonse will determine the quality of the series, hopefully they will do it right this time around!

Overall, this was a fantastic episode that raises my expecatations for the next episode. Hopefully the conclusion will be satisfying and will leave no loose plot threads.
Rating: Excellent

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