Site Changes

Due to it being past the one year anniversary of the site (Which was created in April 2009), I have decided to make a few changes in the way I review items. From now on, I will be writing episodic reviews, as I don't seem to have enough content to write about when I do reviews of an entire show. Due to fan subs being illegal, I will try to watch licensed shows that have been distributed online the date the licensees distribute it. This means that while I may be able to watch the latest of episodes of thing on Crunchyroll, my free membership will not allow me to see them the day of its release, as I do not have an actual credit card to buy the premium membership. Anything that can't be accessed legally, I will watch fan subbed. To find an index of the shows I'm following, please make sure you visit the tab on the of the page titled, Anime Series. This tab will show an index of shows I'm watching, which will show if I'm following, or dropping a show. I will be blogging about more series later on. Here is a preview of what I'll be following later:

  • Bleach- Yes. This show. A show so good/bad/awesome/retarded/amazing/stupid/epic/ridiculous that it must blogged about. The reason I'm not blogging about it now, is the fact that I'm about 50 episodes behind episode 275. I will TRY to watch filler episodes, but if they involve too much stupidity and retardation, then I will skip them. Due to it being on Crunchyroll, I also won't be able to watch the latest episodes the day it comes out.
  • Giant Killing- I developed an interest in this show after seeing the first episode on Crunchyroll. I wanted to start following a few sports anime, so I will be sure to follow this on Crunchyroll. Again, my lack of a premium membership on Crunchyroll won't allow me to see the latest episode the day it comes out.
  • Shows of interest this Summer season. (Haven't seen the releases yet, so I don't know what is coming out.)
Hopefully, this new format will allow me to write more content on this blog.

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