Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: Episode 12

The final episode does an acceptable job concluding the series. The episode begins with a battle between Akuto and Brave, ending with Akuto defeating Brave. Afterwards, Bouichirou tries to form a contract with Kena, only to he interrupted by Akutow who proceeds to beat the living shit out of him. He then talks some sense into him, telling him that he will destroy god itself in order to save Kena.
 The beginning of this episode was great, as the dialogue during the battle between Akuto and Bouichirou was brilliant. I actually find the idea of god being a system meant to control society to be an idea that actually parallels are own society. Wow! I actually found something deep in an ecchi show!

All of this intrigue continues until the midpoint of the episode, where Kena tries to chase after Akuto, who is trying to destroy god by blowing up a tree. Unfortunately, her actions causes everyone to lose their memories, resulting in an ending that is just cheap! Thankfully, it does leave room for a sequel, a prospect that almost redeems the cheap, albeit hilarious ending. Hopefully, a sequel can help give this series the ending it deserves.

Overall, while the beginning of the episode was actually pretty deep and interesting, the ending ultimately feels rushed, and while a possible sequel does bring me hope of a better ending, this does knock the episode and the series down a few pegs.
Rating: Fair

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