The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episode 3

I never thought the show could get so good! The episode basically had Sion's group of military recruits getting brutally exterminated by fifty Estabul magic nights. The attack was bloody, violent and intense with lots of decapitations and dismembered remains. I wasn't really expecting this much people to die, as I believed that Ryner and Sion would be able to hold off the attackers, thus saving the remaining survivors of the first attack. However, even after using his Alpha Stigma powers, he is still incapacitated along with Sion, resulting in the death of everyone besides Ryner, Sion and Kiefer. It is only after he loses control of his Alpha Stigma is Ryner able to single-handedly defeat his opponents, the unfortunate side effect of his power being that he is consumed by a desire to destroy everyone including his allies. Sion then assists Ryner in regaining control of the Alpha Stigma, but not until Ryner gets jailed when the king of Roland discovers that he is an Alpha Stigma user, meaning that Ryner is labeled a monster despite saving Sion and Kiefer.

This was one thrilling episode! Never have I been this surprised, as the negative reviews that this show received and the poor pilot episode seemed to be an indication that this series was doomed for mediocrity. Thankfully this proved me wrong, as the surprising plot twists and the intense slaughter scenes really make this show stand out.

That isn't to say that it was flawless though, as a couple things pissed me off. For one thing, the voice for Ferris's sister, Iris, was very annoying. It seemed that he voice is way too high pitched, as I had feelings of joy and happiness when Ferris knocked her out. Plus I have to say that it was a little too convenient that Ryner suddenly gained the ability to use his powers after the majority of Sion's squad is killed. His excuse is that he had not used his powers in seven years, but that still doesn't explain why he didn't use them in the beginning of the fight, as the casualties and deaths could have been avoided if he used his powers.

Other than these problem, the episode was fantastic, as it may have a few plot holes, but it offered enough plot twists and intense action scenes to be a satisfying episode.

Rating: Excellent

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