The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episodes 1 and 2

Note: Worst title ever!
Plot Summary: Our hero Ryner Lute, is searching for the relics of the "Legendary Heroes", an artifact that... does something important... I guess. Meanwhile his emperor, Sion Astal, is trying to get rid of the corruption in the country of Roland.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting this to be any good. This cynicism of mine was caused mostly by the problem I have with most titles in the fantasy genre, in that they all look the same. While The Legend of the Legendary Heroes isn't exactly anything unique or refreshing, it offers a solid story with an interesting main cast, thus making it something worthy of my attention.

The first episode of The Legend of the Legendary Heroes was pretty weak. While it did have a good concept for a story, many flaws would actually render it a poor rating, the biggest one being the fact that you had absolutely no idea what was going on. Thankfully, this is cleared up in the second episode, as it flashes back to earlier events, thus properly introducing the characters and clearing up any past confusions you had with the story earlier. It even goes to the extent of making a really engrossing plot, even if it does lack originality.

Another problem with the first episode would also have to be the fact they actually utilize numbers to measure the power level of their attacks. For example: we discover in the first few minutes of the episode that Ryner's attacks have a range of 20! (I'm not kidding!)
Thankfully for what I've seen, this only happens once. Other than those qualms, this series is decent enough for me to follow. While it may suffer from many cliches, an RPG system in the beginning and a very weak beginning, the plot and character are interesting enough to make this worth a try.

Episode 1 Rating: Poor
Episode 2 Rating: Great
Opening: Decent J-Rock, with a pretty standard use of visuals.
Ending: It's OK... for a slide show.  

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Mushz said...

Pffff, its attack range isn't over 9000, this show sucks.

Anonymous said...

Personally I didn't mind the first episode, first episode aren't an always good indicator of how a show might turn out.