Shiki: Episode 2

I'm going to love this show! The episode basically introduced the main characters of the show now that Megumi is dead! :D The leads include Natsuno, a student who hates Megumi (Meaning that he is going to be my favorite character!), Toshio, a doctor, and Seishin, a local priest. After more people start to die in the village, Toshio begins to suspect that there may be a connection between all the murders. He investigates each death, discovering that all of them had the exact same symptoms before their demises, thus concluding that everyone died of the same disease. He then joins forces with Seishin to solve this issue. Meanwhile, Natsuno begins to suspect that someone is stalking him.

What I loved about this episode had to be the characters. Natsuno is a much more likable main protagonist than Megumi was, even if he is still a douche. Plus the episode developed Toshio a lot, as we discover that despite his calm demeanor, he passionately cares about his town. Seishin isn't exactly that interesting though, but hopefully more backstory can be given in later episodes.

I also loved the pacing of this episode, as it seems the show will deliver small bits of information little by little. However, this could actually hurt the show later on, as it could actually cause small events to be elongated for way too long. Plus an episode could be terrible if they fail to deliver enough information or develop the characters. I don't think they'll fail though, as it seems that the show is very tightly written despite its slow pace.

Rating: Excellent

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