Occult Academy: Episode 2

This episode was fantastic. At first I thought the show would be episodic with random supernatural situations, but this proved me wrong, as the show will be following both Maya and Fumiaki (The naked time traveler) as they both try to stop Nostrodamus's prophecies from taking place. The whole episode introduced Fumiaki, a time traveler from 2012 who is trying to stop Nostrodamus's prophecies from occurring, an event which will result in aliens taking over Earth.

Fumiaki is a character that seems to be too much like the male leads of most harems. While that isn't a completely bad thing, as his nervous and hyperactive behavior is pretty damn funny, the moments where he is with Maya usually consist of him getting smashed in the face. This reoccurring gag is not funny, as we have seen this done in countless other harems, romances and comedies.

Another problem with the show is that it isn't scary. The scene where Maya was being attacked by the invisible... thing wasn't even creepy, as the show doesn't really seem to know how to execute horror scenes. For a show that has the name "occult" in its title, horror seems like something that will be necessary later on.

However, those flaws aside, the episode introduced plot developments that have hooked me to the show. The goal of finding the Nostrodamus key to stop the school from blowing up may seem like something that could be dragged out for 13 episodes, but hopefully the people making this will have the sense to make this tightly written with little filler episodes. (As the previous filler episode was pretty boring.)
Rating: Great

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