The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episode 4

Note: Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog regularly. A few little personal things have occurred, meaning that I didn't have the time to write anything. Plus I've been checking out Yen Press's new Yen Plus Online magazine. Expect a review on that soon.

This wasn't as good as last episode. Sure I did like the lighthearted mood of this episode, but I felt that in terms of plot development, it wasn't that interesting compared to last episode.

The first half of this episode has Ryner in prison, reading books, befriending the prison guard and actually enjoying his time there. I liked it that this episode made him seem likable and understanding, a contrast to the his personality in the second and third episode, which basically gave him the personality of a lazy smart ass. My only problem with the first half would have to be that it focused a little too much on the relationship between the prison guard and Ryner, as it seemed like a pointless relationship that won't have any long term effects on the story. In fact, the first half has only one scene which moves the plot forward, that scene not even moving it in any significant way.

The second half does develop the plot, but is also plagued with problems. For starters, it seems that the show won't go into any detail on how Sion became the king of Roland, which is unfortunate, as I wanted to see how he became the king. Other than that flaw, the fight scene between Ryner and Ferris was pretty good, even if I did find Ferris to be pretty uninteresting character due to her emotionless demeanor.

Overall, this was a good episode! Sure it did have its problems, but it successfully made the protagonist likable and gave us the backstory necessary to care about the main plot. Let's see if they can continue to make this interesting.
Rating: Great

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Anonymous said...

I liked this episode exactly as you said because it showed his human side, and I noticed there only seemed to show ONE guard in that all prison so he could've gotten away the whole time with one spell at the guard but he didn't.....interesting to say the least.