Shiki: Episode One

Plot Summary: Our female lead, a dumb bitch named Megumi, hates her town, friends, etc... (She hates everything except a European style mansion and a purple haired guy named Naatsuno.) During her stay, three people mysteriously die for no apparent reason. Too hateful of the town and everyone in it to care, she visits the European style mansion alone, only to go missing for a day. She is then found suffering from anemia, and dies a few days later.

This episode has hooked me to the series! While I understand that I basically just ranted about how I hate the female lead of this episode, the plot itself seems very interesting. While very little information is given about the murders or events that are occurring, I have to say that the series still managed to hook me with what was their.

The best part of the show has to be the visuals though. While they don't exactly fit the horror mold, they are very colorful, with outstanding character models and very nice looking visuals. Plus you have to admit that the uniform that Megumi and Naatsuno wears is very nice.

Overall, this series shows much promise. Hopefully it will succeed at being a thrilling experience like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. (Even if it probably won't surpass it.)
Rating: Great
Opening: Nice opening! Great song and an amazing use of visuals! It seems to resemble an acid trip though.
Ending: Nice ending! Nice use of visuals and a good song. It also seems to resemble an acid trip!

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Janai said...

"Our female lead, a dumb bitch named Megumi..."

Best opening ever. That made me crack up.