Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episode 5

Again, this episode wasn't as good as the third one, but it did at least offer a few nice plot developments. This episode had Ryner and Ferris arriving in Nelpha to do research on the hero relics they are looking for. Honestly, these moments are the best part of the episode, as the conversations between Ferris and Ryner are light-hearted while also moving the plot forward, making it very enjoyable. The flaws come into play when Ferris's sister, Iris, visits them to inform the duo that she will act as a point of contact between Sion and the group. The problem with this character is that while she can be amusing to watch sometimes, her voice actor is has the most annoying voice ever given, making her fucking unbearable the majority of her screen time!
Have to admit that the dead bodies do look nice...
Meanwhile, Sion is busy dealing with the political situation in Roland, as his secretary, Fiole, gets assassinated, meaning that someone knows of his opposition towards the nobles. I have to say that while I do find Sion to be a likable character, it seems that his hate for nobles is a bit too one-sided. Understandably, the nobles are complete assholes in Roland, as they act in a very stereotypical manner by treating Fiole's death as if it was a joke, but I hope that Sion realizes that not ALL nobles are evil. If he does, than I hope that the anime realizes that this mindset is way too biased and will try to reform him, if not, make him a degrading character.

That isn't to say that his moments weren't very good, as the political drama taking place in this episode was excellent, as I like how despite Sion gaining control of Roland, he still must make slow and careful progress in order to get rid of the various factions that oppose him. Plus it does make it more interesting that the wrong decision could result in his demise, as Lucile will kill Sion if he makes the wrong decision. However, the light-hearted mood and chemistry of Ryner and Ferris make their screen time much more enjoyable, despite the greater depth of Sion's predicament.

Overall, this episode did a great job of developing Sion's story, even if it isn't as enjoyable as Ryner and Ferris's appearances. I'm also starting to wonder when they are going to mention Ryner's Alpha Stigma ability again, as I'm starting to wonder when we the show will reveal his history.
Rating: Great

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