Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episode 6

This was a pretty good episode. While I felt that it did not go into enough detail about the plot to kill Sion in Nelpha, the moments which had Sion talking to the King of Nelpha was actually pretty interesting. Plus the moments with Ryner and Ferris bickering were, as always, amusing. However, I'm starting to notice that the political drama in this episode wasn't as good as previous episodes, as Miran eliminates everyone trying to kill Sion in the course of a few seconds, making me disappointed, as I was expecting Sion to come up with some complex strategy due to his lack of power. With Miran in the picture, Sion can simply snap his fingers, and the person he wants assassinated can be killed in a heartbeat.
A few other quirks also annoyed me in this episode, my biggest complaint being the loud rock music playing when Ryner and Ferris were guarding Sion at night. Why did the director think that this would be a good idea? I mean, Ryner and Ferris are climbing on top of a castle, not battling hundreds of enemy soldiers! Plus it does annoy me that Ryner seems to attract every girl he meets! Ferris is even falling for him! How the hell does he do it!?
The fight scene at the end of the episode was actually pretty good. I liked it how the enemies weren't actually arrogant like in most other action series and how they had to bluff their way out of the battle, giving me hope that later battles won't be determined by who has the highest power level. The battles themselves were also well animated and pretty nice to look at.
The spells in Legend of Legend of the Legendary Heroes are probably the best part of the visuals.
Overall, this was a great episode. Sure it had numerous problems, but the nice fight scene, interesting relationship between Ferris and Ryner and the fact that one of the relics have already been located (meaning that the plot is developing at a pretty fast rate) makes it a nice experience. Hopefully, Miran won't make Sion's moments so unbalancing later on and not everyone will fall for Ryner by the end of the show. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if the male cast started falling for Ryner.

Rating: Great

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