Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episode 7

Please beat the crap out of her.
Never did I think that one character could do so much damage to a series. This episode decided to make the unfortunately decision of focusing on Milk Callaud, the captain of a unit pursuing Ryner and Ferris. The reason I describe this decision as unfortunate is because Milk is a very annoying and melodramatic. I understand that she is one of the women who falls in love with Ryner, but her chemistry with him is horrible and is completely overshadowed his chemistry with Ferris. It also doesn't help that her voice actor is even more annoying than Iris, making all her screen time unbearable.
That isn't to say that Milk is the only aspect that hurts this episode, as a plethora of other problems also made this episode poor. For one thing, the humor fell absolutely flat, even the jokes between Ferris and Ryner also missing more than hitting. A huge factor is due to Milk being involved, as her obsessive love for Ryner means that there is a lot of generic romance humor being utilized. I have nothing against this type of humor, but it doesn't work in a show like this. This show shines when it's being serious, not when it's trying to make the audience laugh, the only exception being the comedic moments between Ryner and Ferris, which are usually done pretty well.

Sion's side of the story also didn't go so well, as while it did have a little plot development, it mostly consisted of Sion mourning the death of Fiole (i.e. sitting on his ass and doing absolutely nothing.). Thankfully, they at least will have Fiole's sister, Eslina, taking Fiole's place, meaning that Sion will finally get over Fiole's death in order to move the story forward.

The main problem with this episode is that it didn't really develop the plot. Sure it focused on Captain Milk and developed her quite a bit, but the problem is that she isn't that interesting to begin with. Her melodramatic attitude, chemistry with the male lead and annoying voice actor undermines all of this development and a few scenes which are supposed to be dramatic or saddening. Hopefully the next episode will actually move the plot forward, as very little events took place, making it a pretty dull episode.

Rating: Poor

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