Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episode 8

No we're back on track! This episode was a huge improvement from last week's annoying episode, as this focused on the Sion side of things. It wasn't perfect, as I did find a few unfavorable aspects, but it at least moved the narrative forward. The episode focused on a rebellion by Estabul against Roland, led by Lady Noa Ehm, but provoked by Miran in an effort to eliminate all of Sion's opposition by eliminating anti-king or anti-Roland factions involved in the conflict. Sion, weary of Miran's actions, decides to send Claude due to his reluctance to kill people, hoping that he will be able settle this conflict without too much bloodshed.

My biggest problem with this episode had to be Lady Noa Ehm, the leader of the rebellion. I understand that she is supposed to be the type of leader who cares about the happiness of her citizens, but her indecisiveness and naivety make it too obvious that she was being used as a tool by others in order to gain greater political power. Plus it doesn't seem that she would be a good political leader, as while she does have good intentions her naive ambitions and clueless demeanor make her the Jimmy Carter of this political scene. (I have nothing against Jimmy Carter, it's just that while he may have been a good person(I wouldn't know), he was not a good politician.)

However, the scene which had the Roland army battling the rebels was a pretty interesting. I liked it how Claude instantly killed the commander of the rebel army as quickly as possible in order to make the rest of rest of the army lose morale, thus increasing the chances that the battle could discontinue. The failure of the plan is also done well, as the distrust of rebels, the bad intentions of some of the leaders of the rebels and the indecisiveness of Noa cause the rebels to refuse surrender.

The latter portion of this episode was the best part of this episode though, as I wasn't expecting Miran to disobey Sion, as while he probably will be a villain later on, I can't figure out why he's trying to assist Sion, as he's much smarter and stronger, Sion not even being able to control him as Miran disobeyed his orders multiple times in past episodes. It will be interesting to figure out his true motives in later episodes.

Rating: Great

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