Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Episode 9

This was a great episode! It doesn't match up to episode three, but the execution of the final scene, the fantastic ending, and the hilarious dialogue in the beginning of the episode really made this stand out from the last two episodes. Sure it did have a few flaws that did stop it from achieving an excellent rating, but it was still enjoyable nevertheless. The episode centered around Ryner's side of the story, with Ryner and Ferris receiving a message from Sion through Eris, regarding the hero relic that turned into a dragon that they decided to leave behind, because...they didn't feel like it. *facepalm*

Unfortunately, due to the retardation of Iris, she neglects to give them the latter half of the message, which informs them specifically not to retrieve the hero relic, as many villagers had already been killed off by the hero relic. (Or so they presume.) Sion's order was smart, but it really makes me wonder why he chose Iris as the messenger girl. I mean, annoying voice aside, this girl has absolutely no special skills that make her more unique or superior than other messengers. So why pick her?!
So with the news of the dead villagers being unknown to them, the duo attempt to retrieve the hero relic. The rest of this episode however, was pretty interesting! Sure the fight scene in the middle sucked due to there being way too much exposition, but the villains were pretty surprising, even if they do seem like your generic villains who are being evil for the sake of being evil. The ending scene however, was phenomenal, as Ryner once again had another one of his weird Alpha Stigma "bankai" moments, meaning that while he did successfully fend off the villains, his inability to control this "Super Saiyan" form of his, means that he will probably try to destroy the whole entire world. This was probably the best way for this to end, as it really got me pumped for the next episode.

I would have given this episode an excellent rating, if it wasn't for another unfavorable aspect of this show, the flashbacks. A problem I have with this show, is that most of the flashbacks aren't interesting, and do very little to develop or make us care for the characters. For example, Bleach, as shallow as it is, has excellent flashbacks, as they do a great job of providing backstory to the characters, making us care about them. Here they don't provide enough detail to allow us to care. For example, the first flashback in this episode had Ryner standing in a battlefield with blood on his hands. The reasons for this are never revealed, as they never explain what he's doing there or what just happened on the battlefield. The same can be said about the Milk Callaud and the Sion flashbacks, as they focused too much on the childhood, meaning that the events which occur in the episode is a means of showing how bad their childhood was, the show using this to manipulate the viewer into feeling sorry for the characters, instead of providing them with a proper backstory that shows us how they got into the position they are in currently. 
Rating: Great

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