Occult Academy: Episode 8

It seems that this show is going to be utilizing a two episode arc formula, each arc focusing on a specific character and situation. Hopefully this means that the show will start focusing on characters such as Mikaze, JK, and Smile, as they are all pretty flat characters despite their increasing involvement with each arc (Mikaze being an exception, as she's always in the background screwing around). I have to say that I'm enjoying what this show has done so far. The focus on developing the characters is working out pretty well, the only problem with this being that the plot itself isn't moving forward. I do enjoy the fact that they are taking the time to flesh out the characters, but with five episodes left, I'm starting to get a bit annoyed over why they haven't focused their attention on the main villains or the actual plot. It doesn't seem like they can wrap everything up in five episodes.

Anyways, the episode continued where the last on left off, Maya and Ami still feuding after the events of last episodes. I liked it how the issue was resolved quickly, as I was worried the feud would continue for a few more episodes due to the characters refusing to communicate with each other. My only problem is that Kozue was a real dumbass, as she mistook an attempted reconciliation between the two as a duel. Due to her ignorance, she decides to get a drink, only to lure a group of chupacabras to their location, resulting in Ami's kidnapping, meaning that Maya has to coordinate a rescue effort.

The latter half of the episode which had Fumiaki, JK, Smile, Ami's dad, Maya, and Kozue banding together in order to coordinate a rescue was probably the best part of the episode, as the fight scenes were well animated, the music was thrilling and the involvement that each character had in this episode really made for a triumphant finale to the arc. Fumiaki is really starting to improve with each passing arc, not to the extent that he's having a rushed transformation, but just enough for his development to be realistic.

A problem that I'm having with the episode though is that they still haven't given us any information on the motives of the villain. While I understand that they are probably saving this for the final arc, it would have been nice if they gave us clues to what the intentions of the villain are, as all we know is that the group is probably led by Chihiro, who for some reason is trying to cover up all the events that occurred in the areas that Maya visits. I'm guessing that those locations may hold clues to finding Nostradamus's key, meaning that they may be part of some cult that wants the prophecies of Nostradamus's key to occur. That, or they are a bunch of aliens who also time traveled to 1999 in order to stop Fumiaki from finding Nostradamus's key. (That being the my most unlikely prediction.)

Rating: Great

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