Shiki: Episode 8

This was an amazing episode! The fast pace of this episode really did an excellent job of keeping me interested, the buildup also being perfect! These guys really know how to create a lot of tension in certain scenes, also having the ability to make the show pretty creepy at times. Plus the lighting effects in each scene is done perfectly, as the shadows really do a great job of conveying a tense and dark mood to the show. I'm also starting to get used to the character models, as I'm glad to say that not a single scene was ruined by an odd facial expression or character model, something that really hurt the execution of the previous episodes.
The only flaw with this scene would have to be that she doesn't seem scared enough. If someone is grabbing you from behind and dragging you somewhere, wouldn't you do everything in your power to get someone's attention or fight the attacked off?
The episode begins with Natsuno, Kaori, and Akira digging up Megumi's grave, the group discovering that Megumi has risen from the grave as a vampire. During the discovery, Kaori is nearly kidnapped by a vampire, Natsuno knocking him out with a shovel before he could bite Kaori. A particular aspect that I found pleasing about this scene would have to be the reasoning that was used, Natsuno, using his lack of pulse and low body temperature to come to the conclusion that he is a vampire. The strategy to alert other people of the vampires was also a pretty goo idea, even if it did fail due to the vampire still being alive. With his plan failed, it seems that the group is now in danger of being attacked by vampires, as I'm pretty sure that the undead will try to eliminate those three now that they know of their existence. I have to say that at the start of the series, I was worried that Natsuno was going to be a pretty unlikable protagonist, but the smart tactics he uses and the fact that he's actually having inner conflicts after hitting the vampire with the shovel is starting to make him a likable character. The only problem that remains is that his emotionless demeanor may have the adverse effect of pissing many people off, as he seems to be a little too calm or apathetic at times.

Another aspect that I found likable about the episode was the development that was given to Sunako. Sure it was very small, but it's just enough to make us wonder if she's a vampire or not. I would like to say that she definitely is one, but the fact that she hasn't attacked Seishin yet or even tries to hide herself leaves me to conclude that she may not be one. Plus I liked it how Seishin is starting to go through the mental dilemma of whether or not Sunako really is a vampire or not, as the conflict really does a great job of making his character more interesting.

To top it all off, the ending of this episode did an exceptional job of getting me excited for the next episode, as it really presents countless possibilities on what direction this show can take! Honestly, this is the best episode of the series so far, as it delivered many plot twists, creepy moments, and a fantastic ending! Let's see what the next episode will dish out!
Rating: Excellent

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