Shiki: Episode 3

Worst facial model ever.
This episode basically contradicted my previous reviews of the show. It wasn't bad, but a few issues did result in a low rating. For one thing, the character models were absolutely horrible! I know that I previously said that the character models looked nice, but that was only because, despite her despicable attitude, Megumi looked nice. The main problem is that the hair and eyes look way too crazy. A perfect example of this would have to be Masao's face, as he looks like both a man and a woman. It's hilarious too look at his hideous mug, but this causes us the viewer too have the incorrect emotional response too his angsty and moody behavior. Plus the inhabitants of the village; Tetsumi, Seishirou, and Chizuru have the oddest hair styles that make me laugh every time they appear on screen. How the hell am I supposed to take the show seriously when I'm too busy laughing at their appearance?
Why is everyone in this village too stupid to realize that he has cat ears?!
Another problem with the show also has too be the male lead, Natsuno. At first I thought he would be a very likable protagonist, but after seeing this episode, I have discovered that he is actually more hateful than Megumi. His lack of appreciation for his friends and the village set him up as a character who spends way too much complaining about how he hates the village. It isn't like anyone treats him badly, as the townsfolk treat him nicely, only for Natsuno to act in a hostile and douchey manner. An example of this would be when Toru fixes Natsuno's bike, only for Natsuno to act very cold towards him for no reason.
And I thought Megumi was bad...
Thankfully, the episode was saved by the parts which had Toshio investigating the deaths occurring in the village. His parts mostly consisted of build up as we discover that the disease is probably connected to the arrival of the new inhabitants of the village. I have to say that Toshio is a much more likable protagonist than Natsuni, as he actually does something to develop the plot, whereas Natsuno just sits around and complains.
I prefer him as a protagonist over Natsuno.
Rating: Fair
Episode being streamed on Funimation.

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